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Dennis and Patrick Weinert in the DR Congo, 2016.

Dennis (left) and Patrick Weinert (right) are independent documentary filmmakers, photographers and authors with a focus on human rights, culture, social and environmental issues and conflicts. They were born in Germany in 1992 and 1994 and are currently based in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam.

As visual storytellers, they have spent more than five years working across Africa, South and Southeast Asia, the Americas and Europe, covering culture, conflicts and humanitarian crises for publishers such as the German TV networks ARD & ZDF or organizations like UNICEF or the Council on Foreign Relations.

Currently, the brothers are regularly contributing to FUNK’s weekly documentary show Y-Kollektiv as co-hosts, directors and cinematographers, for which they reported on topics such as the Rohingya refugee crisis, human trafficking in Dubai or the civil war in the Central African Republic. In addition to their video projects, Dennis and Patrick are also working on their second photo book, which will be published in September 2019 under the title Resilienz.



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